Many of us have dental issues that require a dental exam or at the very least a visit with your dentist for general dental care. In many situations, waiting to see the dentist is not an option. Whether you chipped a tooth or a filling came loose, DeSoto Dental provides all of our patients with the possibility of a same day dental appointment. The quality of care you receive is extremely important to us, as well as your oral health. The team at DeSoto Dental understands how inconvenient it can be struggling with a dental issue that requires immediate attention. 

In some situations, it may not be possible to schedule an appointment for same day service. This depends on a variety of reasons, but mostly the possibility depends on availability. In the event that we cannot accommodate a same day appointment, the team at DeSoto Dental will work with you to find a solution, quickly. We understand how some dental issues can be painful, making it extremely difficult to wait. There are options for pain management, even over-counter medications that we can suggest to help ease your discomfort. If you need immediate assistance for a dental emergency, or require a same day appointment, you can count on our team to help.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

For many busy families, finding time to squeeze in the typical dental appointments can be tough. Even more, if you have a dental emergency, having the ability to see your family dental provider as soon as possible is important. Providing patients with the possibility of same day dental appointments is also important to us. We want all of our patients to feel genuinely cared for, giving each situation the attention it deserves. You can count on our team of qualified professionals for all your dental emergencies. If you have been searching for a family friendly dental provider that offers same day appointments, contact DeSoto Dental today.