DeSoto TX Pediatric DentistConsisting of nerves, blood vessels, connecting tissues, and cells, the pulp is the innermost core of a tooth. When nerves are damaged or at risk due to decay or infection, Pulp Therapy is needed to save the tooth. In the area of pediatric dentistry, this therapy fully restores teeth by partial or complete removal of diseased portions. Also referred to as “nerve treatment” or “children’s root canal,” Pulp Therapy is the treatment of choice to prevent the extraction of baby teeth, while preserving space for permanent teeth.

Pulp Therapy has two common forms. Depending on the severity of trauma and the level of decay, dental professionals will perform a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy. Consider the following:

Pulpotomy: This form of pulp therapy removes the diseased pulp within the crown region (visible part of the tooth). During treatment, tooth decay is also removed. The result is a stainless steel crown restoration.

Pulpectomy: This form of pulp therapy involves complete removal of pulp, nerve tissues, and bacteria. This therapy is required when the entire pulp is diseased, extending to the root. The final result is a permanent tooth that is filled with non-resorbing dental material.

When it comes to dental care at home, it’s important to pay attention to your child’s dental concerns—even at an early age. For instance, if you notice that your child is experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold, reoccurring toothaches, or tenderness around the gum tissues, contact your dentist.

Regular checkups for your child not only establish the importance of proper oral care, they promote early prevention and are cost-effective in the long run.

DeSoto Dental is happy to partner with you in paving the way for your child to have a beautiful, healthy smile. We work to instill a positive connection with our “little patients,” and are committed to helping them learn about oral hygiene in a fun way. Do you have concerns about your child’s oral health? We welcome your call today! 

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